Notebook Computers

Laptop notebook computers are small computers that are portable, and weigh from 1 to 6 kg. The weigh usually depends on the model of the notebooks. In 1980 the first laptop named the GRiD Compass 1101 was designed. It had such a design where the display folded shut on the keyboard. In 1983 Gavilan Computer Corp. manufactured and marketed a laptop which was known as Gavilan SC. Mac notebook computers were introduced in 1989 and weigh over 4 kg.

In 1989 Compaq produced small notebook computers which were about the size of an A4 paper notebook.  Since that time the words notebook and laptop have been used interchangeably. The terms laptop and notebook are not correct terms, because many laptop computers have no possibilities to be placed on top of the lap.  Most notebook computers larger than an A4 paper notebook. But what produces name as a notebook, users name as a laptop.

According to the models the notebooks are classified into ultra portables, thin-and lights, medium-sized laptops and table notebook computers.

Pc notebook computers were meant as devices that could use the desktop computer software but smaller in size and mobile. Further innovations introduced notebook computers which can be moved from one place to another, ultra mobile PCs, Internet tablets, pocket sized personal digital assistants, smartphones.

As for wireless notebook computers they have the standard computer forms. The new models of wireless notebook computers have wi-fi giving the possibilities of Internet connection without a modem. Mobile broadband offers data connectivity of high speed. The data connectivity is provided through the network of a public carrier. Mobile broadband provides access to data where it is needed. The wireless notebook computers having wi-fi connectivity give the possibility to be connected to the local network while being at a public place or in the office. Get Free Laptop with mobile phone contracts.

Mini notebook computers sometimes referred to as netbooks are light-weight and energy-efficient notebooks. They are meant for wireless communication and access to the Internet. Mini notebook computers use light-weight operating systems such as Windows XP rather than such operating systems as Windows Vista. This is because their processing power is less than that of traditional notebooks.

Now there is an excellent possibility to buy notebook computer online. Internet computer stores provide all the latest laptop models and all the necessary notebook computer software and notebook computer hardware. Here it is possible to find full information about laptops and full notebook computer reviews. Any product comparison website allows to compare notebook computers prices and choose the laptop which will meet all the demand of a customer.

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